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Welcome all Yorkiepoo owners and enthusiasts. I have set up this community in hopes of shareing pictures and experiences about the Yorkiepoo. What is a yorkiepoo? A yorkiepoo is a small dog. Ussually weighing 3-5 lbs although some variation as much as even double that can occur. It is bred from toy poodle and yorkshire terrier... hence the name yorkiepoo.

Yorkie poos make great pets.

They are nonshedding and great for allergy sufferers
They require minimum weekly brushing
Also require very little excersise
They are loving dogs and make the perfect lap dogs
They are very easy to train and eager to follow orders
They are smart and learn tricks easily
They are healthier than both the purebreeds (as most mixes almost always are)
They are good with other animals and children


That is why I hope you can agree, yorkie poos deserve their own LJ community. Share the love
Owners, Breeders, and admirers welcome. ^_^