gkingsley (gkingsley) wrote in yorkiepoo,


My name is Gayle and a few weeks ago, I was getting gas at the local Cumberland Farms when I heard a scratching and whining coming from the garbage can. When I pulled the top off, I saw a little face peering up at me. I swept him out of the trash and drove him straight to the vet. And now I have a yorkie poo.

His name is Spike, he's now 13 weeks old, and my boxer and husky/rott mix are trying to figure out where he fits into the pack. I've never had a little dog before, and I'm a little befuddled by the whole thing.

Have you gotten your yorkie poo yet? I need someone who understands all the weird things my new baby does! I need someone who understands why I made 3 shirts for him to wear when it's cold out! I need someone who can commiserate on the hells of housetraining a little dog!

Look forward to reading your posts!

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