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My name is Gayle and a few weeks ago, I was getting gas at the local Cumberland Farms when I heard a scratching and whining coming from the garbage can. When I pulled the top off, I saw a little face peering up at me. I swept him out of the trash and drove him straight to the vet. And now I have a yorkie poo.

His name is Spike, he's now 13 weeks old, and my boxer and husky/rott mix are trying to figure out where he fits into the pack. I've never had a little dog before, and I'm a little befuddled by the whole thing.

Have you gotten your yorkie poo yet? I need someone who understands all the weird things my new baby does! I need someone who understands why I made 3 shirts for him to wear when it's cold out! I need someone who can commiserate on the hells of housetraining a little dog!

Look forward to reading your posts!

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Congratulations on your new addition to the family.
I have 12 week yorkie puppy. We have been together about a week. I grew up with big dogs in Alabama, so having him is much different. We live in New York and cant go outside cause we need to have our third round of shots. Housetraining is going ok. We have mistakes, but for the most part we're getting it, I hope. I have to remember that when we were 3 months old, all we were doing was eating and sleeping and wearing diapers
i have a 9 month old yorkie-poo and she is definately a challenge!! i almost cried when i read that you found him in a garbage can - it makes me sick that people could do that! i just looked over at my gracie sleeping belly up on her pillow and couldn't imagine anyone being cruel enough to just discard her like that!



December 20 2007, 09:54:55 UTC 10 years ago

I just got my yorkiebaby! congrats to you...She is only 2 1/2 months and adorable. She wines alot and and fusses when she dosen't get her way. She is housebroken but still learning. I also put her in little outfits and I bet your yorkiebaby is adorable. goodluck!